How To Make Pearl Wedding Hair Accessories

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Planning for a wedding involves much more than just renting chairs, tables and tents. It involves more than cake testing, hiring a band and finding a caterer. One of the most important things to do when planning a wedding is decide what you, the bride, will look like. After all, you are the bell of the ball, and everyone will be staring at you on this big day in your life.

You want to look fabulous and feel beautiful, but you also want to feel comfortable and like yourself. You should pick a dress, shoes, makeup, hairstyle and accessories that match your style and personality. Many brides have been interested in vintage styles recently. Things like full veils, cocktail length suit wedding dresses, wedding hats and lace are coming back in style. Pearls are making a huge comeback. If you would like to incorporate gorgeous pearls into your wedding ensemble by way of hair accessories, it’s simple. Here’s how you can do it at home.

For this project, we will be making a pearl headband. You’ll want to find pearls with tiny holes in them. Don’t worry, they won’t be noticeable after you’ve made your accessory. These are called pearl beads, and you can find them at any arts and crafts store. Try to get several different sizes for this project. You will also need some 0.4mm silver wire, a pair of wire cutters, a pair of pliers and some 1.5m white ribbon in satin or velvet.

Start by threading some of the beads onto your 0.4mm wire. You’ll be making a petal shape that is about the length of your thumb. Thread on as many beads as it takes to get to the length of your thumb, turn the end of the wire down and put beads down the other side. Now, twist the ends of the wire together, and you have a beautiful petal shape. Pull it out a bit in the middle of each side to make it look more like a real flower petal.

You will two more petals to complete this piece, then you will make five sets total. That will leave you with fifteen petals in all. Use different sizes of beads. Once that’s done, you need to connect all of the three-petal groupings. Tie them together with wire. If you find a gap or a place where the wire is showing, add in a large sized bead.

Now it’s time to get out your ribbon. Loop the ribbon through each side of the bead creation you’ve made. Pull hair back for ease, or style it as you will on your wedding day. Position the beaded part of the headband on one side of the top of your hair right above your forehead. Pull the ribboned sides around the back, and secure well at the nape of the neck with a bow. To help hold the satin ribbon in place, use bobby pins around the head where they are appropriate. Congratulations, now you have a hand-made pearl headband for your big day!

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